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Where the frame meets the covering, only a master

upholsterer can ensure a lasting, quality fit. Like a

bespoke suit or couture gown, every piece of furniture

is measured, padded, and stitched with an expert

hand and artful eye. This process is the foundation for

a Hancock & Moore’s one-of-a-kind piece that

will last a lifetime.


Our dedication to quality extends beyond the

surface. All Hancock & Moore cushions are made

from High Density 2.5 lb. foam, a technologically-

advanced material that springs back into shape

quickly and is more stable than the polyurethane used

by most manufacturers. Our High Density foam may

be a difficult material to work with, but we believe

your comfort is worth the extra effort.


Our traditional styles are distinguished by our

intricate tufting ability. Since 1981, we have used the

same centuries-old method, which requires the

upholsterer to gauge each pleat of leather or fabric

so that all tufts are correctly proportioned. In creating

the tuft, twine is passed through layers of material,

then pulled taut and secured, usually with a button.

Blind or Biscuit Tufting is also available.


With over 50 finishes varying in color and gloss

to choose from, our wood can be made to look

as reflective and sleek as glass or to match

the time-worn surfaces of a treasured antique.

The process, which can take up to 21 steps, creates

a finish with unparalleled character and luster.

Because of this meticulous process, we can even

create a customized finish just for you.