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"Impressed with the quality of the Hancock & Moore product line, it was a creative joy to design distinctive pieces for this unique house." -Julie Rose Wilde / Freelance

A freelance residential and hospitality designer, Julie Rose Wilde created an elegant, stylish retreat nestled high in the Blue Ridge Mountains for her well-traveled client, selecting eclectic, antique and handmade furnishings for a fresh spin on a traditional hunting lodge.

To complement the client's extensive collection of timeless European, Native American, and African art, Julie knew that Hancock & Moore "was the obvious and confident choice."

"Both the client and I were familiar with the quality of the product line, having been impressed with their pieces and performance when utilized in former installations. Working within a broad range of optional furniture frames, leathers, nail head trims, and wood finishes, it was a creative joy to design distinctive pieces for this unique house," explains Julie.

Perched 4000 ft. above sea level, the Great Room frames breathtaking views through its windowed walls. Julie employed a neutral color palette with "sparse but fiery" spots of orange to complement - rather than compete with - the exquisite natural setting. The Luxe Recliner, Gilsburg Chair, and Journey Lounger all work in unison to form the foundation of the luxurious lodge space.

Featured Pieces:
Luxe Recliner: "The super sleek lines and sharp angles really make the Luxe work as a standalone piece. I chose an off-white leather and brass nail heads to really pop against the darker neutrals in the space."

Gilsburg Chair: "This is such a quintessential lodge chair. Pairing two of them together really amplifies the drama. I thought a more muted leather with olive-y tones would both reflect the natural surroundings and lend a slightly more contemporary edge."

Journey Lounger: "The Journey is that perfectly overstuffed 'comfy chair,' but so tastefully done with the contrasting front and back legs and sinewy arms. The styling works beautifully with the eclectic, hunting lodge feel of the space."

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